Fare Audit Services for TMCs and for Corporate Travel Buyers

Airocheck is the corporate travel industry's independent service testing for good fare-pricing practices by Travel Management Companies.

Hidden arbitrary mark-ups to airfares are a problem for corporate travel buyers in every country. They are arguably the biggest cause of high business travel costs where they occur. Manual intervention in the mid-office itinerary creation process can enable marking-up.

TMCs are engaged by their clients to maximise service, minimise risk, and minimise cost. The hidden addition of several hundred dollars or more to an airfare, whilst usually not illegal, runs counter to clients' expectations of good practice in their financial interests.

For TMCs

Airocheck's Fairfare Accreditation  =  market proof of your fair airfare pricing

TMCs that display the Fairfare accreditation from Airocheck have undergone a thorough detailed independent audit, using irrefutable base settlement data from IATA BSP and ARC, decoded and analysed using our proprietary software built for the task.

The Fairfare audit is based on data for many thousands of bookings over an unspecified recent period. The TMC cannot prepare for the audit.

The validation is usable for 12 months from the date of the audit. It can be done for domestic, international or all airline bookings. It can be done for a specific TMC location, or the audit can be done country-wide.

Accreditation cannot be bought. It is only awarded when the audit proves that systematic marking up of airfares did not take place.

Accreditation allows the TMC to display the Fairfare symbol and date as proof of the good audit result for one year. During this period there may be spot checks to ensure continuing good practice. It is a powerful market differentiator announcing good practice, based on a rigorous independent CPA audit.

For Corporate Travel Buyers

As a corporate travel buyer or procurement manager, it is important for you to know that your travel costs are being well managed and minimised by your TMC. An audit by Airocheck specific to your account will give you a precise result on your TMC. Regular fare audits are the best way to ensure that you are not paying too much for your air travel. You can make fare audit results an important cost management KPI, and include auditing as a tender requirement.

The strength of the CPA-backed validation is based on the thoroughness of the audit software and process, the incontestability of the IATA BSP and ARC data, and the independence and long established reputations of the Airocheck partners, Butler Caroye and Airline Metrics.

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Please use our contact form to get in touch. If you are a TMC, let's talk about what's required to achieve Fairfare accreditation. If you are a travel buyer, let's talk about how your company can use our auditing service to ensure fair fare pricing from your TMC.

Please contact Tony O'Connor at tony.oconnor@airocheck.com and 61/0 409 944 911 or Sanjay Shenoy at sanjay.shenoy@airocheck.com 

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Accredited TMCs: 

CTM Australia has received the Fairfare Accreditation as the result of passing the rigorous Airocheck auditing process, valid until November 2018. The Fairfare Accreditation states that the TMC has proven good fare pricing practice, and that it does not systematically mark-up airfares.