The Fairfare Accreditation

Your ethical good practice is a commercial asset and deserves to be known. Buyers need and want open travel pricing.

Your ethical good practice is a commercial asset and deserves to be known. Buyers need and want open travel pricing.


It all started when…
Get With The Zeitgeist

Get With The Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist means the current spirit or mood of a society. From #metoo to Mueller and Royal Commissions, there is a growing demand for principled behaviour, and a rising coal-face determination to improve the way things are done. We suggest that transparency is the spotlight issue for travel.

Be A Driver Of The Transparency Movement, Not A Casuality

In the late 1990’s, there was a sudden global change to the TMC model when buyers demanded transparent pricing and zero bias, causing the change to fee-for-service. Twenty years later after mixed results, the pressure for open financials and interest alignment is breaking out again. This time, the focus is on what happens to airfares and hotel rates behind the scenes in the booking process.

The Accreditation Program

As a TMC, you can differentiate yourself in the market place with solid proof that you do not systematically mark-up airfares. Fairfare is the industry’s only fair pricing program globally. Accreditation is awarded only if a certain high level of good practice is proven.

A Hardened Process Means High Credibility

The Airocheck auditing process is detailed and thorough. Numerous checks, cross-checks and procedures are employed to ensure that the result delivers very high credibility to the market place. The audit process itself must be able to pass an audit.

Other details of the audit ensure high credibility. Measures are taken to prevent data tampering and non-disclosure. The result cannot be bought. It must be earned with proven good practice.


Accreditation is country specific and date limited. The size and coverage of the audit must always be stated to avoid any possibility of the misinterpretation that the scope was insufficient.


The accreditation is stronger if it demonstrates continuing good practice rather than just good practice over the past year. We may therefore make random spot checks during the accreditation period.

Sensible and Appropriate Collaboration

We do not simply pass down the result with a heavy hand. There will likely be some substantial number of bookings with fare discrepancies. Our job is to identify all those with acceptable causes. We apply various washes and checks. We then give you full opportunity to explain those discrepancies that remain. Then the result is final. Our end purpose is to aid the travel buyer.

What You Need To Do

You simply need to provide us with access to two sets of data for your business travel bookings; the bookings data and the encoded settlement data. We do the rest.

What You Get If You Pass

You will receive dated certification and graphics for use in marketing. We also provide a referral service and an online list of accredited TMCs. (See below) To prevent over-marketing, all the collateral we provide includes information regarding the audit’s scope.

And If You Fail The Audit

Airocheck’s mission is not to name and shame but to promote good practice. If you fail the audit the result is not made public. And we offer a low-cost smaller scope re-audit in several months to give the opportunity for an improved result.

Data and Privacy Protection

We do not need and will not receive any data that identifies or describes individuals, payment details or client accounts. The data fields are limited and specific. Data is contract protected in perpetuity, not shared with any third party, and destroyed after the audit.

The Three Benefits for the TMC

That’s two more than you expect. Read on …

Market Differentiation: Of course, with solid evidence of your ethical practice you can better retain your clients and win new ones. It is difficult to raise the issue of fare mark-ups with travel buyers since it might seem that you are taking a shot at your competitors. The Fairfare accreditation enables you to start this conversation, with the proof of good practice in your hand.

Better Quality Revenue: On average across the industry, fees to clients have fallen and the practice of marking up has seemingly increased. For the TMC, this is in fact a shift from higher quality to lower quality revenue. Fee revenue is more predictable, regular and constant. Greater reliance on fees will improve your balance sheet.

A Fairer Playing Field: A market that accepts higher reasonable fees based on transparent airfare pricing is better for all TMCs and their clients. You will not have to compete with artificially low fees subsidised by hidden mark-ups. Win Win

Currently Accredited TMCs

airocheck accredited TMCs table June 2019.png

Referral Service

Accredited TMCs can invite travel buyers to contact Airocheck for a description of the process, and confirmation of the accreditation and its scope.

For more information please contact or +61 0409 944 911

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