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Our goal is to establish a standard of true transparency and buyer-supplier balance in the travel supply chain, globally.

Our goal is to establish a standard of true transparency and buyer-supplier balance in the travel supply chain, globally.


It all started when…

What We Do

We help procurement managers reduce and manage travel costs by providing audits that shine a light onto costly dark patches of the travel supply chain.

The travel supply chain is opaque and it is conflicted. We help you to build transparent arrangements with your travel suppliers without hidden costs, so that suppliers make a good profit and buyers have measurably good deals.

The Airocheck audit tests for hidden fare mark-ups.

The Dealcheck audit tests for discount unavailability.

The Feecheck audit checks correct application of fees.

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Why It Matters

Travel is a conflicted and opaque supply chain. It is imposible to control costs and build healthy supplier arrangements without true visibility where it really matters … the cost of the travel.

Our History

Airocheck began as a consulting engagement in 2017 when our founder was engaged by a large corporate to advise on pricing in its travel supply chain. The company then quickly grew and was soon appointed by the Federal Government to audit its travel arrangements, the largest travel program in the Southern hemisphere.

The Three Essential Ingredients

Three things are necessary to do this work. We have built proprietary HotDamn software that makes the essential settlement data accessible for use. We have the travel supply chain knowledge gained from 20 years of specialist procurement consulting. And we have the financial and analytical skills and resources to design watertight auditing processes and reporting.

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Founder and MD

Airocheck Audit was founded by Tony O’Connor. He is also the Managing Director of the region’s leading independent travel management consultancy Butler Caroye, which has been assisting travel buyers since 1998. And he is the Australasian Director of the Global Business Travellers’ Association. The GBTA is the world’s largest travel buyers’ organisation.

Audits for Procurement Managers

We offer the Airocheck, Dealcheck and Feecheck auditing services to travel buyers as separate modules or as a complete suite of travel audits at a reduced combined fee.

Fairfare Accreditation for TMCs

Also, TMCs can have their entire businesses audited for good practice and the absence of systematic marking up of airfares. If they pass the high requirements and stringent process, they receive the Fairfare accreditation for one year, with further checks during the period to ensure continuing good practice.

We Serve Travel Buyers’ Interests Only

Our mission is to improve the supply chain. We serve the interests of travel buyers only. The Fairfare accreditation process is carefully structured to ensure no conflict of interest with buyers. TMCs cannot buy accreditation. They must earn it.

Our Fellow Travellers

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Warrants Attention

We do not suggest that the cost-increasing practices referred to are pervasive. But we do believe that they are common enough to warrant serious attention as a necessary part of good travel procurement.

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